Wedding Day Beauty Prep

Wedding Day Beauty Prep

Helping Wedding Day Beauty Prep With Vogue

We all know how important it is to feel and look your best for your wedding day, and when Vogue’s staff reporter, Ellie Robertson, first visited our Central London Clinic for a free consultation, we were honoured she had chosen us to be a part of her wedding preparation.

Wedding beauty prep has more recently become a huge focus for brides and grooms globally, and with more of us than ever now investing in our wellbeing, it’s no surprise people are looking for more pampering leading up to their wedding day. When Ellie visited our clinic, we held a consultation to understand what she’d like help with feeling her best and suggested a few sessions of CoolSculpting to target underarms and laser hair removal.

Vogue visits Cavendish Clinic

Our team is always happy to offer advice on the types of treatments that can help you prepare for a wedding day and we’d always recommend having a free consultation with us months before to allow for procedure downtime. From skincare routines to fat reduction procedures, we can help with all manner of preparation for your special day.

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