Men’s Health Magazine Review of Cavendish Clinic

Men’s Health Magazine Review of Cavendish Clinic

Fat loss and worrying about weight is something we’ve all experienced at least once in our lives, and as Men’s Health explored, the older we get- the more we seem to consider losing weight. As we age, fat becomes more difficult to shift, particularly in areas around our stomachs and thighs which is why Men’s Health reader, Ross, decided to take part in a 12 session course of our famous Coolsculpting treatment. We were thrilled to have the Men’s Health team in with Ross and their review is a testament to how successful Coolsculpting is.

Interviewed with our very own Dr Matthew James, Ross shares his reasons for exploring fat freezing as a weight management treatment and our experienced Dr James shares why Coolsculpting has become such a popular treatment here at Cavendish Clinic. Over the last few years, aesthetic treatments have grown more popular among men with more people now than ever looking for alternative treatments to help them feel better in their own skin.

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