How To Achieve 100% Skincare

How To Achieve 100% Skincare

How to maximise your skincare results with Advanced Nutrition Programme™

Are you only doing half the job when it comes to your skincare? New to Cavendish Clinic Advanced Nutrition Programme™ are an award-winning brand passionate about transforming the long-term health of skin with scientifically proven supplements. Their philosophy is feeding the skin from within using an evidence-based approach. We are delighted to offer this additional dimension to your daily regime with a 100% skincare approach, to address common skin concerns from ageing to problem-prone skin.

The skin is the largest organ of the body; but it is also a two-sided organ. If you only treat the outside of the skin with creams, serums, and treatments, you’re only doing 50% of the skin. By feeding the skin from the inside with supplements as well, you are nourishing the skin over the entire body and achieving 100% skincare.

Supplements provide complete coverage by targeting all skin components including the epidermis (outer layer) dermis (middle layer) and hypodermis (bottom layer), blood vessels and sebum, where some topical creams fail to reach. Combining supplements with topical creams and treatments can help maximise skin results whatever your skin goal. Their science-led skin researchers recommend their best-selling supplements to address common skin concerns and overall skin health to achieve transformative results. 

Healthy-looking skin starts with a strong foundation, the skin researchers at Advanced Nutrition Programme™ always recommend taking a biome-friendly supplement to support the gut-skin connection. Discover more below on which biome supplement is right for your skin concern.


Help ageing skin

Target the seven visible signs of ageing including fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity, uneven skin tone, dullness, dryness & thinning skin with patent-pending formula Skin Youth Biome™. This one-a day capsule uses microbiome technology to also brighten tired, dull-looking skin and help minimise the appearance of lines around the eye contour area.

We recommend combining this with award-winning Skin Ultimate and/ or Skin Collagen Synergy. These are both smart supplement systems which combine an array of targeted supplements in convenient, daily pods. Perfect for busy, high-performance and demanding lifestyles, both packs have been developed by our skin researchers to take the guesswork out of skin nutrition.


For problem-prone skin

Banish imperfections on the face, back, chest with patented and award-winning Skin Accumax™ featuring a synergy of key vitamins and phytonutrients. Taken with Skin Clear Biome™, which feeds the gut to clear and clarify the complexion for a flawless-looking finish. Both supplements are recommended for all genders and ages (from 16 years old).


For overall skin health

For optimum skin health, the skin researchers at Advanced Nutrition Programme™ recommend their skin-loving Skin Omegas+, which synergises omega 3, omega 6 from evening primrose oil and vitamin A. Working like an internal moisturiser for the skin, it delivers luminous, glowing skin. 

Combine the Skin Omegas+ with their skin-friendly Skin Youth Biome™ to support the gut-skin connection. Taken together, they provide a foundation for healthy-looking skin and a radiant glow.


Visit our clinics in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cambridge and Kensington to discover more and book in a skin consultation with one of our skin experts.

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