Dr Matt Rated the Best Plastic Surgeon in London

Dr Matt Rated the Best Plastic Surgeon in London

Founder Dr Matt James has been rated the Best Plastic Surgeon in London by Doktoron. With a wealth of experience in surgery, working across several clinics in London, Mr James performs a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. He has a specialist interest in hand and wrist surgery.

He co-founded Cavendish Clinic in 2011, bringing together industry experts and medical professionals to deliver the latest and most effective cutting-edge aesthetic treatments for the body and face, nestled in the heart of London.

The popularity of Dr. Matt’s reputation helped draw in patients seeking top-tier aesthetic solutions. Dr. Matt's commitment to delivering transformative results has set a high standard in the industry, and his visionary leadership propelled Cavendish Clinic to the forefront of innovation. In 2021, Cavendish Clinic expanded its trusted services and is now available in selected John Lewis & Partners stores across the UK.

As a beacon of excellence, Cavendish Clinic offers a suite of the industry's most sought-after procedures, ranging from CoolSculpting and EMSculpt Neo to Bodytite, Lipo, Velashape, and beyond. Our mission is to lead and define the aesthetics journey. With unrivalled expertise, we transform and empower every individual who walks through our doors. Experience the pinnacle of aesthetic transformation with us and reshape and refine your silhouette with newfound confidence.

"As a leading plastic surgeon, my approach to abdominal aesthetics is rooted in a holistic perspective. We meticulously assess individuals for various factors, ranging from intra-abdominal fat and metabolic syndrome to rectus muscle separation resulting from pregnancy. We also address cases involving hernias and superficial fat, carefully determining the suitability for treatments like CoolSculpting."


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